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Anita Silverman Hirsch Z"l

Women of the World:

I received this amazing video:

Buddha Bar, Secret Love. Women the World -Mujeres del Mundo

featuring stunning pictures of women in their native environments from all over the world. And then as I was about to fall asleep listening to the radio, I heard this program detailing the dynamics of trafficking young women in the Netherlands. Radio Netherlands, The State We are In (TSWI)
Underage, vulnerable, and naive young women in the Netherlands are systematically seduced and entrapped into prostitution by gangs of men, who are all engaged in this deception, and work in concert to entrap and enslave  their victims.The police call this phenomenon "loverboys". It is shocking to hear one of the victims and one of the mothers of a victim share their experiences.

My loverboy
"Eline recounts how a nice first date turned out to be a dark introduction into the world of 'Loverboys' - young men who pose as potential boyfriends, then morph into violent pimps. She tells Jonathan about being both their victim – and their accomplice."

Anita de Wit (right) and her daughter Angelique
Anita de Wit (right) and her daughter Angelique
The mother who never gave up
Anita’s teenage daughter, Angelique, fell prey to 'Loverboys' not just once, but three times. But Anita never gave up hope that her daughter would one day return to her.
Angelique was forced to work as a prostitute in Amsterdam's Red Light District for two years, but she did eventually return home.
And now Anita is the driving force behind a foundation dedicated to stopping 'Loverboys'
Link - Stop Loverboys Now Foundation..."

I was a social worker in New York City, for many years, but I never heard of anything like this before.
My heart grieves for the evil in this world. The only hope for it is education, information,  and prayer for the victims and the perpetrators that they find their way back to the path of justice, and away from this extremely harmful and destructive practice. For that reason, I share it with you. If you have children, you must know about this. Please share in the interest of your communities worldwide.

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