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Anita Silverman Hirsch Z"l

The Eilat Incursion 8/19/2011

On August 16th, George Jonas posted this prescient article in the National Post which I immediately noted as important and valuable. He was writing about the ongoing (six months) tragedy in Syria.

He begins this on the subject: "The perils of the Easy War"

"The appearance of strength deters aggression; the appearance of weakness invites it. No big news. There’s a corollary, though. The appearance of strength also deters justice. That’s why North Korea’s Kingdom can oppress its citizens with a glorious impunity not available to Muammar Gaddafi.
The Goddess of Justice has an active libido, but what arouses her lust isn’t injured innocence as much as the apparent weakness of an evildoer. Wearing a blindfold doesn’t help keep things in perspective, so here — in a fleeting world tour of justifications for war — are the pros and cons of a hot date with Mars."

The very next day we were awakened to the news of an apparent incursion by "Egyptian" forces in Eilat. My immediate feeling was "Is this the start of another war in Israel?". I immediately called my nephew who lives in Israel and served in the Israeli army. He told me to sit still until we understand what is actually happening. soon I noticed that the reports were saying that the incursion was actually from Gaza.
Interestingly, one Arab source claimed that the incursion was from Israelis!!! Wonders never cease!!!
These were the immediate sources:
The Arab Source:
The Jewish Source:

We now know that this was a sophisticated and coordinated attack on Israel from Arab sources, Gaza, Hamas, Egypt, all denying complicity.
But my favourite analysis is that of Caroline Glick which deserves a careful reading for the peace promoters amongst us and is an excellent complement to the George Jonas article.

And here is a short video I discovered this morning about being on the right side of a conflict.

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