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Anita Silverman Hirsch Z"l

Tony Kushner Controversy

I found this article in the National Post the best response to the Tony Kushner brouhaha.

If you have not heard about it below is the best review of this situation:

"The controversy over whether or not Tony Kushner, the highly acclaimed playwright and harsh critic of Israel, should receive an honorary degree from the City University of New York - a story we broke on our Website last Tuesday - has taken on a life of its own. Doug Chandler reports, and our Editorial reflects, on the incident and its lessons.

Here is what I think after reading letters back and forth on this issue.
In the end its not about what happened in 1948.
It's about who frames the argument and what it means today.

Divisiveness in the Jewish community is not in our interest and that especially goes for divisive organizations.

Lets all keep that in mind.

We are such a tiny people that we have to be very careful where we put our energy.

Prof. Gerstenfeld in his talk on BDS "Taking back the Campus" here in Montreal two years ago in an excellent 20 minute talk
pointed out that Jews are not only "targets, they are also sensors and instruments"

i.e Jews can be found in every political camp and for this reason they are easy targets and also used as spokesmen "instruments" for almost every political persuasion.

As for the "sensor" function, more on this later.

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