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Anita Silverman Hirsch Z"l

From Generation to Generation...

This morning I received an e-mail via the Aleph Jewish Renewal list

"The soul of Dr. Samuel Miilgram ascended today, beloved father of Rabbi Goldie Miilgram...
Rabbi Goldie Milgram

I wrote her back.

Dear Goldie,

My heart goes out to you at this time.

You have just lost your first and most important teacher.

Last night, here in Montreal, I had the pleasure of hearing Susanna Heschel speak about her late father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Z"l, who I am sure for you needs no introduction.
She brought him alive through sharing about him and in this way we carry all of our great teachers with us forever.
and by the way here here she is on youtube speaking about biblical scholarship with Bob Scott of the Trinity Institute.

And here are other clips of Rabbi Heschel himself, all on youtube.

And may you, Goldie, have the merit of continuing your own wonderful teaching for many years to come.
Hamakom Yenachem otach betoch shaar avelai Tzion ve Yerushalayim.

Abigail Hirsch


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