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Anita Silverman Hirsch Z"l

3/10/2010 tweets going to NYC

These are my tweets for this morning - a quick way to update you on what I am doing now that could be of interest.

Today, third to last rehearsal: "Qui-est tu" play to be premiered next Tuesday, 6pm in La Prairie, in French, by HS students, autistic+ non

Also videotaped short segment of Rabbi Steinmetz speaking about the son of Hamas who chose to spy for Israel and what it teaches us. 5 minutes ago via web

videotaped Sara Hurwitz, THE female orthodox rabbi doing what she does best, teaching Jewish texts and ideas to MEN AND WOMEN OF all ages.

Tomorrow will be in in New York City for capturing more segments on Jewish feminism with Sonia Sarah Lipsyc and attending the JOFA conf wknd

Now I have to research my sister's situation. She is dealing with unexplained swelling one year after successful lymphoma treatment. ideas? half a minute ago via web

My nephew, Eliav is visiting from Israel and will be here till Sunday.
I spoke to two of the in-charge doctors: Anita's doctor is on vacation.
So far all tests are negative for cancer and even the test for inflammation is not confirmed and yet she has been experiencing swelling all over the body and even it has extended to the brain which is why she is in the hospital right now for symptomatic treatment and continuous assessment.

Have to get going,

To be continued,

best to you all,



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