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RADIO NETHERLANDS worlwide: the State Were in: Taking back Jihad

The State We're In, 20 February 2010. Noman Benotman was a jihadist who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. He’s still a jihadist, but believes that the extremists are “idiots” and immoral. He wants the term restored to its spiritual sense and is fighting now with words, instead of guns, to do just that.
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Taking back jihad
Noman Benotman spent five years as a jihadist fighter until he realised that the concept of jihad had been perverted and he told Osama Bin Laden and his followers as much. Now he’s waging a war of ideas and believes that the days of the extremists are numbered.

Fighting words
Noman and other Muslim thinkers have created a 400-page text that attempts to undermine the extremist interpretation of jihad. He hopes it may help change the course of history.

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