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Anita Silverman Hirsch Z"l

About two films:Defamation and Norman Finkelstein

about the film "Defamation"

I actually saw this film and the film about the life of Norman Finkelstein, both shown at the documentary film festival in Montreal and I was appalled.
I too am a filmmaker. Askabigail Productions
Filmmaking can take a very narrow window on any issue and do it very convincingly.
Can we forget the films of Reifenshtahl, the Nazi filmmaker.

I also saw the film about the life of Norman Finkelstein which claims that Finkelstein was not granted tenure at two different universities because of the "Jewish Lobby" namely a letter from Allan Dershowitz.
As another professor shared with me on this point: If Finkelstein did not contest his rejection it was because he knew that there were things he did not want exposed in his university file: and after watching the film I think I understand what they might be.

Finkelstein has been the darling of the virulent anti-Israel campaign mounted by the Left, the same left that supports the Israel/apartheid week on campuses, and promotes The Israel boycott movement all over the world touting Israel as one of the worst human rights violators in the world. Sadly, Finkelstein too is Jewish and the child of two holocaust survivors.

Anti-semitism is a dirty word: But not facing it is worse.
Since Jews live all over the world, including in Israel, and have every political persuasion, it is not difficult to find Jews such as the film maker himself, misunderstanding the issues, defaming Israel, and poo-poohing the very real dangers of anti-semitism, the very essence of defamation. This film really does not get it right, and through its biased coverage is defamatory of Jews and of Israel and of the very real issues of anti-semitism, currently thriving in the Moslem world and whose seed has not been extinguished in the western world.

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